Lorc'Avali - VRChat Avali Avatar Base (FREE!)

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Lorc'Avali - VRChat Avali Avatar Base (FREE!)

Lorcan VR
103 ratings

As this model is free, I'd be really grateful if you could give me a follow over on my Twitter https://twitter.com/LorcanTheAvali
I also have a Discord https://discord.gg/vdpzjuvnvb

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Substance file on Gumroad is for 7.4.3 (You can also find an 8.2.0 version in the Google drive, or just open the 7.4.3 version and let substance auto update)

To get the blender/fbx/photoshop files you need to download from Google Drive (Gumroad has an upload limit for free products) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1A_uE7R55RUBIz8TLgMeEwnkvYupmTfzl?usp=sharing

Hey! Introducing Lorc'Avali! A cute, feathered avali avatar for VRChat!


It is highly recommended to export your substance painter textures using my export preset. It will ensure you can simply drag and drop your textures straight into unity. https://lorcantheavali.gumroad.com/l/substanceexportpreset

  1. Create new Unity 2019.4.31f project
  2. Import latest VRC SDK https://vrchat.com/download/sdk3-avatars
  3. Import latest Poiyomi Toon shader https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases/latest
  4. Import Lorc'Avali package (Might take a while for compressing textures)
  5. Import your textures (Recommended to export directly from substance into the Texture folder in the unity project using my export preset https://lorcantheavali.gumroad.com/l/substanceexportpreset)
  6. Upload!

If you need additional help, reach out on my Discord https://discord.gg/vdpzjuvnvb


  • FBT Optimised
  • MMD support
  • Body shape blendshapes
  • Combo gestures set up with CGE
  • Sitting / lying poses, avatar scale, flight and more. Powered by GoGo Loco


  • You can use this model for commisions and you can sell new assets for the model, but please do credit me and link my Twitter https://twitter.com/LorcanVR
  • You may not reupload and sell the base assets
  • If you have any uncertainties on TOS, please reach out to me on Twitter or Discord
I want this!

Unity packages for PC and Quest. Blender and FBX models. Substance Painter and Photoshop textures.


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